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Charles IV of Luxembourg was the first Czech sovereign to become Holy Roman Emperor. During his reign Prague became the centre of the empire and one of the most prominent European cities. In 2016 we celebrate Charles IV’s 700th birthday. Although he is called the Father of the Homeland, although he was the winner of the Greatest Czech of History poll, and although without him we wouldn’t have either Charles Bridge or Charles University or Karlštejn Castle and Prague’s New Town, there is no institution that would permanently and systematically devote itself to Charles IV’s legacy in the country he made the central part part of his empire – or rather there has not been one up to this point. Through its founding Institucio Didactica Carolina rectifies the situation.


When the Italian Prime Minister Matteo Renzi decided that culture was to receive a grant of one billion euro, the reasoning he gave for his decision was as follows: „So that we may know who we are.”


ID Carolina thanks the President of the Central Bohemian region, Mr. Miloš Petera, for taking ID Carolina under his patronage. Considering the fact that Central Bohemia does not have its own capital city (as the other Czech regions do), ID Carolina intends to build the County Executive Ceremonial Assembly Hall of the Central Bohemian region in its headquarters,  which has been recently declared a historic landmark. It will be a respectable area for prestigious events for both the  County Executive as well as any legal entity operating in Central Bohemian territory. ID Carolina aims to develop its activities not only in Central Bohemia and the Czech Republic but in all of Europe, especially in countries whose language Charles IV of Luxembourg spoke and where he reigned: France, Germany, Italy, and Luxembourg.


Through partnership with IDC you will receive the following benefits


› Multiple opportunities to get in informal contact with more subjects of partnership and VIP’s

› The option to make use of the communal areas at the IDC headquarters (for instance for team-building events as well as other special private or company events)

› The possibility of advertising and promotion of goods/services via product placement (for example in the documentary)

› Placement of the partner’s logo on the official website of IDC

› Placement of advertisement banners and other promotional material at different events related to IDC

› The possibility of the partner’s presentation in the form of an appearance made by its representative at public events related to IDC

› Mention of the partner on the IDC Facebook page

› Mention of the partner in IDC’s press releases



Blueprint of the IDC headquarters reconstruction


How to support us

We welcome all questions, comments, suggestions, and ideas. We want to cover a wide range of aspects of the life of Charles IV, his time and his contemporaries. We would like to stress that so many of the mental, social, material and spiritual beliefs that defined 14th-century life are similar in nature even to today’s ways of thinking. We appreciate advice as well as critical observation because if it comes from you, it means it is coming from an audience that is interested in our efforts. That is why your support means so much to us! To achieve these goals, however, we need both incentives and contributions of intellectual and material - financial. For any contribution of all donors - thank you very much!

·                     ČSOB a. s.,  Moskevská 25, 101 00 Praha 10
                      account number in CZK:     271 210 480 / 0300 

·                     ČSOB a. s., Moskevská 25, 101 00 Praha 10
                      account number in EURO:  271 210 544 / 0300 

·                     ČSOB a. s., Moskevská 25, 101 00 Praha 1
                      account number in USD:    271 210 691 / 0300 



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Helena Šebestová

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+420 774 550 082


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