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IDC activity

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ID Carolina has just begun its activity. We intend to build a permanent, sustainable, and inspiring environment, where the figure of Charles IV of Luxembourg will serve as a uniting point of thoughts, ideas, and inspiration that will enrich our present.


Plans for the IDC headquarters 

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We have made the first steps towards cooperation with nearby Karlštejn castle. We expect to collaborate with Central Bohemia’s partner regions. We intend to plant grape vines from Burgundy, from the Rhineland-Palatinate and even from the Italian region of Marche in the IDC headquarters.


Visitors will be able to see the well of Charles IV of Luxembourg, the vault of Luxembourg with replicas of tombstones, as well as symbols of all IDC partners on the red carpet stairway leading up to the County Executive Ceremonial Assembly Hall of the Central Bohemian region.


According to a legend which has been passed down orally in Kuchař (which means “(a) cook” in Czech) the property where the farmhouse would later be built was given to Charles IV’s royal cook by the king himself. This is one of the reasons why the farmhouse of Kuchař – headquarters of ID Carolina – has been declared a historic landmark by the Ministry of Culture of the Czech Republic.



On our website you will gradually find more and more texts describing Charles IV of Luxembourg, divided into several cycles so that you can pick what you’d like according to your personal preferences:

Cycle A) Charles IV as a historical figure (biographical data, facts, genealogical tree, coat of arms)

Cycle B) Charles IV and politics (European and Czech sovereign, statesman)

Cycle C) Charles IV and economics (currency politics, glassmaking, technical innovation, founding, road construction, viniculture)

Cycle D) Charles IV and culture, education (art, education – university, mystique, fashion, gastronomy, benefactor)

Cycle E) Charles IV as a man (family relations, relationships with women, working days, holidays)

Cycle G) Charles IV and his world (landscape, multi-ethnic and multicultural society, religion with emphasis on his relationship with papacy, heresy and Judaism)

Cycle H) Charles IV the traveler (France, Germany, Hungary, Italy, Poland ….)

Cycle I) Charles IV in legends (academic writing, belles-lettres, popular science books)

Cycle K) Charles IV and his legacy (names of places, castles, streets, his memorials, him in various emblems, symbols etc.)




Establishment of ID Carolina


ID Carolina (Institutio Didactica Carolina), the European Institute of Education and Promotion of Charles IV of Luxembourg, is a private and non-profit establishment which seeks to embrace Charles IV’s political, economic, and philosophical legacy. The institute aims to make it available to both the Czech people, who refer to Charles IV as the Father of the Homeland (Pater Patriae) out of gratitude and respect to his work, and citizens of various other European countries in whose history we can encounter the emperor in one way or another. Charles IV of Luxembourg, a Czech Přemyslid from his mother’s side (the last Přemyslid princess), Luxembourg from his father’s (his father was John the Luxembourg, the son of the German Emperor Henry VII.), is for us one of the first Europeans and a continuator of Charlemagne’s heritage. Charles IV of Luxembourg dedicated his time to culture, patronage, politics, and business. ID Carolina sees the present through his eyes. We would like to stress that so many of the mental, social, material, and spiritual beliefs that defined 14th-century life are similar in nature even to today’s ways of thinking. We would like to unify perspectives on his personality in history.


IDC also cooperates with public figures; we are in contact with scientists, politicians, artists and businessmen.


ID Carolina activities

› Public lectures

› Exhibitions

› Social events

› Special dinners and debating societies. Presentation in media is guaranteed.

› We offer new encounters and partnerships across the Czech Republic and even Europe. At IDC events you will meet existing as well as potential partners. We will facilitate communication with your clients on all levels. You will be able to address the young generation through different events aimed at schools and families with children.


ID Carolina came into existence in the beginning of summer 2015. During the short time of its existence – besides the creation of the Colegium and Board of Directors – three separate projects have already been started.


ID Carolina projects


Project #1

Preparation and realization of a 30-to-40-minute television documentary presenting a fresh perspective on the period of Charles IV. Based half on live action, this film belonging to the so-called crossgenre that will boast with live-action features and comic exaggeration will compare different modes of travel through the first part of the historical route Via Carolina. The driving force of the story, however, will be relationships between parents and children then and now: between Charles and his father John, and between our young heroes and their parents.


Project #2

The second project we have prepared is an exhibition called “The Inquisition – From the Hammer of the Witches to Modern Profiling.” The exhibition concerns itself with a new topic that has not yet been presented anywhere by anyone in the intended context. The topic unites mental processes in the time of Charles IV with present-day patterns of thinking in an unusual way and cleverly points out unexpected parallels between the present and 700 years ago. In Czech terminology, profiling means behavioral analysis.

The exhibition is dedicated to the nationwide celebration of the 700th anniversary of the birth of Charles IV not only in content but also in the place where it will be presented and in its selected partners, namely the Otec vlasti Karel IV. (“Father of the Homeland Charles IV”) association and the Museum of the Police of the Czech Republic. The ID Carolina headquarters, the farmhouse of Kuchař located on the route between Prague and Karlštejn, has been declared a cultural landmark.

The headquarters of the Museum of the Police of the Czech Republic is located in the Karlov area of Prague, which was founded in 1350 by Czech king and later Holy Roman Emperor Charles IV. The Otec vlasti Karel IV. association has initiated the celebrations of the 700th anniversary of Charles IV’s birth. Through its activities it introduces Charles IV as a patron and a diplomat. The association invites a wide range of other associations and institutions to partake in the celebration.


Project #3

The third project are musical evenings, the first of which would like to introduce the Bohemia-Luxembourg Trio and canonical medieval musical motifs performed by Yellow Sisters.


Currently we are considering an opportunity to present the Magical House of Luxembourg exhibition, which is currently installed in the Silesian Museum in Opava, in the ID Carolina headquarters.


ID Carolina has also offered to cooperate with the Bavarian castle Lauf, which is inseparably linked to Charles IV and which is known for its unique hall where emblems of noble Czech families are displayed.


More projects are under construction:


Many more projects associated with ID Carolina activities are currently being prepared. These will also aim to provide interesting opportunities for partners to participate and gain publicity.


› Nationwide fundraising (donors will receive named certificates)

› Debate - Charles IV and present-day Czech and European nobility

› Thematic evening - gastronomy during the reign of Charles IV

› Cooperation with transport companies in large cities and regional carriers

› Support of classical music concerts (with the participation of prominent representatives of cultural and public life)




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