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Autor: PhDr. Jan Vaculík, vloženo: 1.8.2016

The building No. 9 in K Přejezdu street in Kuchař (part of the village Vysoký Újezd) is a historically valuable heritage farmhouse, which is situated both halfway between Prague and Karlštejn Castle as well as in the vicinity of the historical route Via Carolina.

The layout of the house allows to be used as an educational and exhibition area for the presentation of life and economy in the reign of Charles IV, (his contribution to the development of the Czech lands), and as a place for presentation of Charles IV as an emperor of The Holy Roman Empire and one of the first European, torchbearer of Charlemagne.There are two areas available for holding exhibitions: the courtyard and also the enclosed space of both barns. On legend which is verbally transmitted in Kuchař (in Czech means Cook), the place for later farmhouse was presented to his cook by Charles IV himself. The name Kuchař is mentioned for the first time in 1382. In the farm land book from 1718 is mentioned Martin Habětín as the owner of the property. Ministry of Culture of The Czech Republic declared whole area of the farmhouse 19th of February 2016 the historical sight.


The main building and two barns are a valuable example of rural architecture in central Bohemia which, despite various reconstructions in the past related to their utilitarian use, have retained not only the overall character of out-of-town buildings, but also the original historic constructions and architectural details.


The main objective of the project „the Charles Institute of Education and Promotion (CIEP)“ is the preservation and restoration of the interior and yard of a historical farmhouse and its conversion to the education, promotion and social center. Due to project of Institutio Didactica Carolina the overall restoration of the farmhouse will be completed and this interesting historical property will be preserved for future generations. A partial goal is to make the area available for organizing concerts and the installation of permanent exhibitions. The whole area will be accessible and used for school children and families. Institutio Didactica Carolina plans to carry out  here different workshops, seminars and colloquiums.


Therefore, we are looking for a partner who would like to be involved in this project. Above mentioned events would generate social and cultural interaction, communication and sharing of experiences also in the European context. Charles IV could speak five languages: Latin, German, Czech, French, and Italian, which in itself indicates the extent of the sphere of influence of his intellect and actions, on which the Charles Center for Education seeks to elaborate. Our aim is to contribute to the mutual exploration of the nations. The goal of Institutio Didactica Carolina lies mainly in introducing Charles IV to youth all around Europe in a new light and unifying the different perspectives on his character in history in order to create a single image of it to be described in textbooks in all European countries, to elimination of prejudices and stereotypical thinking.

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