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About ID Carolina

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Institutio Didactica Carolina was established in June 2015. During the first two years of operations it will devote its time to interacting with localities, institutions and educational facilities throughout Europe. Preparations for individual subprojects will also take place during this time and, simultaneously, indispensable operational facilities will be formed. The creation of our base of operations relies on restoration of the seat of the institute in the village of Kuchař and on development of an administrative structure and staffing of the centre and library of Charles IV of Luxembourg. ID Carolina will proceed with the intention to promote the village of Kuchař as part of the Vysoký Újezd municipality as well as the Central Bohemian region as an attractive destination. While pursuing these goals, ID Carolina will still hold true to its original aim – to cross the horizons of history textbooks.




The collegium of Institutio Didactica Carolina is a voluntary and honorary administrative authority of the Institute. Membership in the collegium is not formalised. The board is open to all persons regardless of nationality or citizenship. By joining the collegium, members express their support of the aims, purposes and themes of the Institute.



Colonel Professor MUDr. VLADIMÍR BENEŠ, DrSc.

Neurosurgical clinic of the Central Military Hospital in Prague - chief


Ing. Jan Mládek

Minister of Trade and Industry of the Czech Republic

Ing. Petr Dvořák, MBA

Czech TV - CEO


JUDr. Aleš Pejchal

Judge of the European Court of Human Rights

Michel Fleischmann

Lagardére Active CZ - president, Knight of Arts and Literature (title bestowed by the Ministry of Culture and Communication of the French Republic)


Professor PhDr. EVA SEMOTANOVÁ, DrSc.

The Institute of History, Czech Academy of Sciences – managing director

Ing. Jaroslav Hanák

Confederation of Industry of the Czech Republic – president and chairman of the board


JUDr. Ján Šikuta, Ph.D.

Former judge of the European Court of Human Rights, judge of the Supreme Court of the Slovak Republic

PaedDr. Hynek Kmoníček

Office of the President of the Czech Republic – Department of Foreign Affairs –managing director


doc. PhDr. Petr Teplý, Ph.D.

Charles University, Faculty of Social Sciences, Institute of the Economic Studies, Department of Financial and Capital Markets

Board of Directors


JUDr. Jindřich Vítek


Ing. Ivan Morávek


Dr. Werner Jakobsmeier


Mgr. Ondřej Chrást


Mgr. Ivana Pittnerová





The headquarters of ID Carolina is located in the Central Bohemian village of Kuchař,

which is situated both halfway between Prague and Karlštejn Castle as well as in the

vicinity of the historical route Via Carolina.

In the near future the headquarters will be

transformed into an attractive, multi-purpose establishment.





In the near future, a County Executive Ceremonial Assembly,

a vault of Luxembourg with replicas of tombstones,

a library of Charles IV of Luxembourg,

an exhibition area,

and an educational and social centre

will all be constructed in the IDC headquarters.

“The Well of Charles IV” will be opened to the public.


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